Caribs tournament set for Sunday

Yamaha Caribs after winning seven’s league.
Yamaha Caribs after winning seven’s league.

[] – Following the exciting conclusion of the GRFU Sevens league last weekend, the country’s Ruggers will be in action once again but this time in the Yamaha Caribs clubs 22nd Anniversary Celebrations set for Sunday, October 26 at the National Park.

The Caribs is said to be one of oldest rugby clubs in the country and has produced a number of national players such as Alton Aguard ,Egon Nicolson ,Claudius Butts, Theodore Henry and Richard Staglon, just to name a few.

The one day annual celebration is said to be one of the most anticipated events among rugby lovers with a scheduled start time of 12:00 noon.

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) will be looking to retain its status as champions of the male aspect of the tournament while the Hornets will try to accomplish the same for the women.

Proposed teams will be Yamaha Caribs, GDF, Hornets; UG & Police while for the women are Caribs and Hornets. Teams with the most points win the tournament, if two or more teams tie with tally points. Match Secretary will determine winner using the Seven-A-Side rules.


Trophies and medals are up for grabs for the winning teams.


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