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Paraguay head of indigenous affairs sacked over ‘kick’

_86925767_86925755[BBC] – The President of Paraguay has fired the head of the country’s indigenous affairs office after he apparently kicked an indigenous woman.

A social media video shows Jorge Servin lift his knee and connect with the woman in the stomach.

President Horacio Cartes said he could not allow someone representing indigenous people to kick them.

Mr Servin denied striking the women during a protest, and said he had lifted his knee in self-defence.

The Ava Guarani indigenous community had been demonstrating in the north of the country after Mr Servin sent a bill to the Paraguayan parliament restricting the leasing of state land by indigenous people.

The National Indigenous Institute is responsible for developing policies related to the 19 ethnic communities of Paraguay.

Around 2% of the Paraguayan population identifies themselves as indigenous with most of them living in extreme poverty.


Vandals torch boatyard

BURNT BOATS[Trinidad Guardian] – A La Brea businessman whose company was targeted twice in the past two weeks by gunmen says he’s finished with his business ventures in the area.

Gregory Williams, a contractor and owner of several boats and jet skis, told the T&T Guardian yesterday he would no longer pursue business interests on Queen Street, La Brea.

Williams owns a garage a stone’s throw away from Queen Beach, where he repairs boats. He said the boats and jet skis were rented out to members of the public.

Williams’ prized pleasure boat, two jet skis and two boat engines were torched some time early Friday. He estimates his losses at around $550,000.

He said he got a phone call around 2 am telling him his boat was on fire, and by the time he got there the boat was nothing but a charred husk.

Williams’ dream to have the boat, which he said was fully outfitted with the latest marine equipment and technology, on the seas by this month end have been dashed.

A contractor by trade, Williams says he makes his money outside La Brea, but has always tried to provide employment to those within the community.

This latest incident has left him disheartened, as he says those responsible are just youngsters fighting for control of the beachfront.

He said because he did not support their operations, they were trying to move him off the beach.

Just two weeks ago, Williams said, he almost lost his life when the same men began shooting at him and one of his employees in a daring daylight attack.


Black Friday sales a hit in T&T

Capture[Trinidad Express] – THE Black Friday sales shopping phenomenon hit Trinidad today with shoppers flocking to wholesalers PriceSmart and southern shopping centre Gulf City Mall to cash in the one-day deals.

Hundreds of bargain seekers camped at the doors of PriceSmart outlets in Port of Spain, Mausica, Chaguanas and La Romaine, to pounce on “Smart Friday” items considerably marked down from their usual prices.

One of the best sellers at PriceSmart was a JVC 43-inch television which was priced at a $2,500.

A video uploaded to social media showed throngs of shoppers bursting through the doors while pushing trollies as the steel gate was raised declaring the store open. Within seconds the store appeared filled and bustling with customers.



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