Caribbean Airlines bans use of Samsung Note 7 on all flights


(Trinidad Express) Regional carrier Caribbean Airlines has enforced a ban with immediate effect on the in-flight use and charging of the defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on its aircraft.Samsung has received reports that the smartphone’s battery poses a threat of fire once it becomes overheated.

Caribbean Airlines noted in a release on Friday afternoon that its decision was based on a directive from the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA).

noteThe airline advised that the device CAN be taken onboard in a person’s carry-on luggage or on their person, but they are NOT to be used once onboard. The airline also advised that the passenger will NOT be allowed to store the device in their checked luggage.

Caribbean Airlines pointed to safety as its number one priority regarding its passengers and crew.

According to a Reuters report, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has urged owners of the smartphone to discontinue usage of the device and turn off same. The body said that it is working with Samsung to determine whether a recall of the device and exchange are enough of a solution to the matter.

While the phones are still on sale in some parts of the world, Samsung said that it is no longer shipping or selling the device, based on reports of the defect.


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