Car stolen in GT after Linden man park it to go take a ‘leak’

The car that was stolen
Investigations are ongoing to locate a vehicle that was stolen yesterday on King Street, Georgetown.

The car that was stolen

According to owner of the vehicle, Micheal Sukhu, he parked in front of “RAF’s Store” on King Street and left the vehicle to go urinate.

However when he returned, his motor car, PVV3719, was nowhere in sight. As he questioned persons in the area, no one could provide any information.
In addition to the car, groceries and an undisclosed sum of cash was taken.
Sukhu relayed that he was forced to make a report at the Brickdam Police Station.
The owner, of Linden, is requesting that anyone with information leading to the discovery of his vehicle contact him on telephone number 4442907 or the nearest police station.


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