Car ends up in rice field as driver swerves from cow

The car in the rice field on Thursday morning

A Parfaith Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD) man is lucky to be alive when he ended up in a rice field after he swerved from a cow in the area on Thursday morning.

The man, David Carrington was reportedly returning from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in the wee hours of Thursday when the accident occurred.

<<INews>> was informed that Carrington was proceeding home when a cow dashed across the road and ended up in his path.

In an attempt to avoid a collision, the man swerved but ended up toppling several times before coming to a halt on a nearly rice field. Carrington who spoke to this online news explained that after he fell unconscious following the incident.

the car that was driven by David Carrington at the time of the accident

He regained consciousness and struggled to exit his motor car bearing registration number PXX 1192. He immediately contacted his sister Denisa Romain and she in turn summoned the Police to the scene.

A breathalyzer test conducted on Carrington showed no sign of alcohol on his breath. The cow that reportedly caused the accident could not be found.

Another similar incident was reported in May of this year at the said location. In that incident, an Evening News Video Editor, Aggrey Halley was proceeding along the roadway on his motorcycle when he almost collided with a cow.

Residents of the area have made several reports to the Police regarding the cows that roam on the roadway but nothing has been done to correct the situation.




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