CANU, Suriname collaboration unearths 902kg cocaine


Law enforcement collaboration between the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit and their Surinamese counterparts has led to the discovery of 902 kilograms of cocaine at Tafelberg, Suriname.

CANU, in a statement on Wednesday evening, said this bust is a result of close and intensive cooperation at all levels between CANU, Suriname authorities, and other partner countries in the fight against organised crime, particularly trafficking in narcotics.

“Organised crime is a transnational problem, and requires trusted cooperation among law enforcement authorities in the region and further afield,” CANU have said.

This level of cooperation is part of the Government of Guyana’s multi-faceted approach to suppress and ultimately eliminate the scourge of drug trafficking in Guyana, CANU has said, adding that the strategy will continue to be enhanced to deter traffickers from using Guyana’s territory to further their illicit activity.