CANU intercepts $10M worth of ganja reportedly destined for Suriname

The parcels of marijuana found during the CANU operation
The parcels of marijuana found during the CANU operation

Ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) on Wednesday intercepted some $10M worth of marijuana which is suspected to have been destined for Suriname for resale.

According to a statement from the CANU, a team of officers, acting on information received, proceeded to an area called Goat Dam in village of Line Path, Corentyne where they carried out surveillance looking for persons who were supposed to be transporting several bags of suspected narcotics.

After about two hours, the officers noticed three individuals within the cane field walking towards them. As such, the officers emerged from their position, identified themselves and shouted out to the said individuals not to move.

However, the individuals decided to run through the cane field. CANU said the officers did not pursue the individuals due to a canal separating the dam from the cane field.

The officers searched the area where the men were seen and noticed ten bulky parcels wrapped in transparent plastic. Upon examining the parcels, the officers noticed that the parcels appeared to be cannabis.

The parcels were removed and taken for processing; the total weight amounted to 80 kilograms valued $10M.

“This operation has been ongoing for the past four days and the team is to be commended for the patience and professionalism displayed, seeing it through to the end,” CANU said.

CANU added that it is suspected that these parcels were due to be transported to Suriname for resale.

CANU said it will work along with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Police will continue to carry out operations to stem the flow of narcotics across the country’s borders and also to work with Community Police Groups in various communities to ensure that “drug blocks” do not become established.