CANU destroys large pile of Cocaine, Marijuana

Cocaine and Marijuana being destroyed.

By Kurt Campbell

Cocaine and Marijuana being destroyed.
Cocaine and Marijuana being destroyed.

[] – The Customs and Anti – Narcotics Unit (CANU) destroyed a fat pile of Marijuana and Cocaine this morning (Friday, August 22), at its Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown office.

Speaking to the media, Head of CANU, James Singh explained that it was part of the Unit’s regular exercise to ensure that illicit drugs which were seized are destroyed to prevent large stock piles, particularly for security reasons.

Singh said the Marijuana which was set alight amounts to just under a ton (1970 kilograms) and accounted for seizures in 2013 and 2014.

Similarly Cocaine seized during the same period was destroyed, totaling 730 kilograms. The CANU Head said the drugs were seized on numerous occasions; on board vessels, port of entry/exit and other search operations.

When asked about the street value of the illegal substances destroyed, Singh said in Europe one kilogram is estimated to cost $45,000 while in the United States it is estimated to cost $40,000; adding the many of the seizures were destined for the US, Europe, Canada and parts of the Caribbean.

He said so far for 2014, CANU and police have made more seizures than past years but warned that Drug Traffickers are still trying to move drugs since it remains a lucrative trade.

“Through the task force set up and closer collaboration we are seeing more seizers here and prosecutions too,” he added.

Some of the illegal substance.
Some of the illegal substance.

He said people always ask the question about bigger shipments of the illicit substances in and out of Guyana but cautioned that Guyana is not a narco – state, while pointing the government support in fighting the trade.

He said it is unfair to ask questions about large amounts and said the fact that seizures are being made, whether big or small, it goes to show that the strategy is working.





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