CANU agent arrested after discharging loaded firearm


An agent of the Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) was in the wee hours of Sunday arrested after he allegedly discharged a loaded firearm in a popular bar at Corriverton, Berbice.

Another agent was injured during the incident but he was treated and sent away.

Based on reports received, a party of policemen was at the popular bar which had about one 100 patrons at the time.

Upon seeing this, the ranks reportedly ordered the proprietor to close off the bar but one of the CANU Officer questioned the instruction and further stated that the party will continue.

Due to his behavior, a civilian reportedly intervened and informed him that he cannot disrespect the police, to which he became angry and advanced towards the young man in an aggressive manner.

Another civilian intervened but was attacked by the aggressive officer. This prompted a large crowd to gather and it was this time, another CANU agent who was also at the bar discharged a round in the air from his 9MM pistol which was carrying 15 bullets at the time.

As such, the aggressive officer sustained injuries to the left side of the head and was escorted to the Skeldon Hospital where he was treated and sent away. The shooter was arrested and placed into custody. His firearm was lodged and an investigation is underway.

One 9MM spent shell was found and lodged.