Cannabis and cocaine were main illicit drugs seized in 2012 – Report


By Kurt Campbell

[] – The Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday (January 28) launched its National Drug Report 2012 where Subject Minister, Clement Rohee reiterated Government’s efforts to rid Guyana of the scourge.

Rohee said the Crime and Anti-Narcotic Unit, the Guyana Police Force Narcotics Branch and the Guyana Revenue Authority Drug Enforcement Unit along with the Task Force on Narcotics Drugs and Illicit Weapons must all be credited for the work done in this regard.

He said the report points to the extent to which national efforts are being taken to fight the drug trade and underscored the need to develop a close and corporative relationship with neighboring countries. He said several formal agreement of this ilk has already been signed.

He noted however that despite the work done, there remains room for improvement and said Government is committed to ensuring same. He told reporters that efforts are afoot to ensure that the penetration of illegal narcotics and weapons through Guyana’s porous borders are alleviated.

“This can’t be solved overnight and we will continue to have challenges… this report is intended to reflect the Guyana situation and it is important that we write about ourselves because people are going to write about us through their eyes” Rohee added.

According to the report cannabis and cocaine continue to be the two main types of illicit drugs seized in Guyana. Meanwhile a 2011 report states that the majority of Guyana’s cannabis is grown here.

The report says that the drug problem requires an integrated, balanced and multidisciplinary response which in order to provide there must be a common and shared sense of responsibility among all sectors and stakeholder agencies.

In 2012 80 kilos 587 grams of cocaine, 16 grams of hashish and 40 grams of ecstasy were seized in Guyana. In addition 12 cannabis operations, a total of 18 fields of cannabis cultivation with an estimated size of 24 acres from which 48,011 kilos were destroyed. During the same period two cases were made of which three persons were charged.

Guyana’s location is unfortunate

Meanwhile, retired Major General Michael Atherly said it is quite unfortunate that Guyana is located within the hub of the transshipment routes from the cocaine production countries.

“Drug cartels operating there seem to feel that profits gained from North America and European demand, outweigh the risk associated with legal production and trafficking.”

He believes Guyana is not spared the devastating consequences of this scourge for this reason. Atherly also acknowledged Government’s efforts to combat the twin problem of demand and supply.

“Coordinated action is required at all levels to reduce the demand, supply and trafficking of illicit drugs and this booklet is an expression of that will” he added.




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