Cane harvester alleges beating at the hands of Berbice Police


A Corentyne cane harvester says he is now living in fear that police will carry out a threat and return to his home and carry out a second round of beatings on him.

Surendra Persaud, 24, of Hampshire Village, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) is alleging  that he was beaten by a party of police officers on Thursday last.

Reports are that Persaud and his wife were having an argument when a police officer passed and observed that Persaud was in his yard and his wife was in the neighbour’s yard. They were both shouting at each other.

The police officer allegedly took Persaud and dragged him out of the yard and down the street.

Persaud claimed that he was also assaulted in the process.

According to his father, shortly after other ranks from the Albion Police Station arrived on the scene and went into his son’s home and conducted a search.

He noted that after the officers left they told Persaud that he can go to the Police Station to make a report.

Moreover, they allegedly promised that if he did they will be back to give him a, “proper beating and fixing.”

Persaud had to seek medical attention and has not been able to work for the past week.

He says that he is currently living in fear as the officers have promised to return to him.

On Thursday, Persaud took his concerns to the Regional Office of the Prime Minister and met with Gobin Harbhajan.

After being advised a report was made to the Berbice Police.

Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner, Clifton Hicken told this media group that he has an open door policy and urged the victims to visit his office.

He said the Office of Professional Responsibilities (OPR) will be investigating the report.


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