Cane Grove man on bail for allegedly promising woman US Visa

Sunil Das. [iNews' Photo]

Sunil Das. [iNews' Photo]
Sunil Das. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A resident of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was released on $100,000 bail on Monday, December 14 by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for the offense of unlawfully obtaining money under false pretences.

Twenty – eight – year old Sunil Das denied the allegation which read that between December 03 and December 07 at Georgetown, with the intent to defraud, he obtained $500,000 from Deomattie Raynauth by falsely pretending that he was in the position to obtain a United States of America 10 year visa from the United States Embassy knowing same to be false.

He was granted bail and will return to Court on January 12, 2016.



  1. DK, $5000,000 in Guyana currency is monopoly money. Why should anyone be investigated for that amount of cash? Once you go down that route, then you are opening the floodgate to investigate the whole population. not to mention many hard working people who always ”tighten their belts” and save, save, save only to be beaten and robbed by the marauding bandits intent on creating fear and misery.

  2. Cane Grove man on bail for allegedly promising woman US Visa.
    Ok we all know why the Deomattie Raynauth want to run from Guyana.
    But what tick me off most is that these people with money are never investigated where she got the money from to buy bogus visa.
    Why arent she charged for being stupid?
    Arent she an accomplice to a criminal act too?


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