Cane Grove cattle allegedly stolen, killed for meat


A Cane Grove farmer is now counting his losses after several of his cows were killed by unknown persons on Wednesday evening.

Owner of the cattle, Gopaul, told <<<Inews>>> that he would leave the animals at the backlands in the evening and would return for them in the morning. However, upon returning on Thursday morning to check on the cattle, only one calf was found.

The man decided to file a report at the Police station, and was advised by officers on duty to conduct a thorough search for the animals.

Upon returning to the area, the man said, he discovered remains of the cattle. Only the internal organs and heads were found, indicating that the animals were rustled to the location and killed for their meat.

“When I went back, that’s when I see them, and only the parts that they didn’t want was there; so like they kill them for the meat and left what they didn’t want,” Gopaul noted.

The man said he returned to the Police station, but little attention was paid to the matter. The farmer noted that it is a common issue in his community, and many persons have lost their cattle in similar fashion.

He said he has lost a significant amount of money, and is trying to ascertain who could have committed the act. Only one of the cows was discovered alive, and even that one had suffered some cuts.

“This is not the first time. This thing happening steady. I can’t say is who, and nobody is putting a stop to this matter. The one that I get back get a cut, so I think this one manage to get away,” Gopaul said.

Just over two weeks ago, more than one dozen head of cattle were shot and killed in the backlands between Numbers 54 and 58 Villages, Corentyne, Berbice in the wake of rice farmers complaining that animals have been destroying their crops.


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