Canadian charged for cocaine in frozen Chinese food jailed for four years


unnamedXZ6RKNID[] – A Citizen from Toronto, Canada who pleaded guilty to the offence of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking was on Friday sentenced to four years in prison, after he made his court appearance before Magistrate Ann McLennan.

It is alleged that 53 year-old Miguel Sardina of Anther AL 74, Toronto, Canada on October 08, 2015 at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, he had in his possession 13.66 KG Cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

Miguel Sardina pleaded guilty to the offence.

In court, the prosecution explained that the accused, on the day in question, was an outgoing passenger on flight Caribbean Airlines BW646; destined for Pearson International Airport, Toronto Canada when CANU Ranks at the airport observed the defendant placing his suitcase onto an X-ray Baggage Scanning Machine and noticed suspicious items from on the screen.

Sardina was pulled aside and a further search inside his luggage revealed two Kerrigold Milk containers, one Fernleaf Milk Packet and two frozen Chinese Fried-Rice a whitish substances suspected to be cocaine.

The items were tested and weight and proved to be the alleged 13.66KG of Cocaine.

Sardina was told of the offence, charged and arrested.

When given a chance to say something, Sardina told the Magistrate that someone had asked him to take the items back to Toronto, but admitted that he knew nothing of the susntance he was carrying, until the officers checked the contents in his presence.

He further expressed to the court that he is guilty and did not want to waste the court’s time and as such accepts whatever sentence is given to him.




  1. It is not right for Miguel to be locked away for 4 years of his life. I am not saying that he should not be punished for what he has done wrong. There are a lot of other people paying a high price to. His family and friends are also doing that time with him. If only he had some kind of defence in that court room. We love him and miss him. I only wish that the magistrate Ann McLennan would rethink her decision and lighten the sentence. My husband and I gave him his last drink of rum on the night he left on his trip to Guyana. We were so looking forward to his homecoming. Sincerely Eileen Sword


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