Canada questions APNU/AFC’s motive for rejecting Carter Center

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana Lilian Chaterjee

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Lilian Chaterjee is questioning why the APNU/AFC Administration has barred the Carter Center from returning to Guyana to observe the ongoing recount exercise.

In a tweet on Friday night, the Canadian Diplomat said “Guyana refused Carter Center, with ties to Guyana since 1990s, to return although they will comply with the same COVID-19 requirements as CARICOM…”

“GECOM invited @CarterCenterEOM to return. Why doesn’t Govt want them back,” she added.

Ahead of the recount, the Carter Center had applied for permission to fly to Guyana, given the COVID-19 restrictions, to observe the recount process.

Its request was denied.

Government spokesperson Joseph Harmon, during a subsequent interview with the media, invited the Center to reapply.

The Center did, but its second request was also denied.

Caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Karen Cummings cited COVID-19 restrictions (closure of airports) as grounds for not approving the Carter Center’s request.

However, authorities have been granting authorisation for other flights to land in Guyana, including the aircraft which brought the CARICOM team to the country for the same purpose of observing the recount.