Camp St. inmate died from ‘brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma’- PME

File photo: The Camp Street prison before it was gutted by fire

Three days after succumbing to injuries sustained while imprisoned at the Camp Street Penitentiary, a post mortem examination (PME) has revealed that 23-year-old Junior Dunn called Shawn Thom died from brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma.

The examination was done by Government Pathologist, Nehaul Singh, who also outlined that Dunn suffered a fractured right cheekbone.

Meanwhile, a report has been made at the Alberttown Police Station by the now dead man’s mother and a police investigation is expected to commence into the circumstances surrounding Dunn’s death.

It was previously reported that Thom was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation on Independence Day (May 26) with injuries to his head.

He was the found with his face swollen in a cell at the penitentiary.

The 23-year-old had been serving two three-year consecutive sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

His release from prison was expected in 2019.

Thom was relocated to another cell in the Prison after he had allegedly stabbed another prisoner with a mop stick.


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