Calvin Brutus is new ‘E’ Division Commander

Superintendent Calvin Brutus

By Leroy Smith

Superintendent Calvin Brutus
Superintendent Calvin Brutus

[] – Superintendent Calvin Brutus has been named as the person who will head the police ‘E’ Division, commencing Monday July 21, police sources have confirmed. His appointment comes as Senior Superintendent Owen Trotz heads into retirement.

iNews was reliably informed by police sources that Brutus, who once served as Deputy Commander and Traffic Officer in ‘B’ Division  and is now serving as the ‘A’ Division Traffic Officer, was selected for the post based on his suitability.

Superintendent Brutus is a graduate from the Guyana Defence Force Standard Officers Course and was once the Officer in charge of several sub divisions and police stations within the various police divisions.

When contacted on Friday for comment, Brutus would not confirm that he will be heading the Division and directed all questions to the Public Relations Officer of the Force.

When asked for a yes or no response to our questions on the information received the vibrant Officer would only say that what he is aware of and could comment on is that he is still the serving ‘A’ Division Traffic Officer.

Meanwhile, iNews was also informed that Brutus’s Deputy, Superintendent Sutton, will be the present Deputy Commander of the Division.

At one point Brutus also served as a Personal Assistant to Former Commissioner, the late Henry Greene.




  1. all dem new A to Z commander and crime rampant like never before in guyana..ppp must hire competent security them a very high salary who will get the job done..they must even get the choke and robber who prowls the streets day and night robbing innocent people by the thousands and unreported..
    hire intelligent who can go into the court and get the scoop on those in the judiciary that are in cahoots with criminal would appear that some of these magistrates and judges are on some criminal lawyers payroll where killers leave the court free to roam the streets to kill again..hire smart people to do sting operations on the streets to root out the rogue traffic police..its overbearing now to see how these traffic police are stopping motorist for no apparent reason just the shake them down for bribes..dont expect citizens to speak up..if they speak up against police then their lives are made miserable by other police who are buddies with their rogues in the police force..


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