Calls made for Seeta’s Bar to be brought under control after drunk driver slams into students


Car[]A drunk driver after leaving Seeta’s Bar on Monday afternoon (November 18) lost control of his car and slammed into three Stella Maris Primary School students.

Injured are 11 – year – old Shemar Lesprance, Kesi Carter and Ebitoyo Pilgrim who resides on the upper East Coast of Demerara.

The drunk driver was identified as Eric Lewis, a general contractor. iNews was informed that the man had been sporting at the Seeta’s Bar on Station Street, Kitty just before the accident.

Ever since its introduction, many persons have expressed concern with Seeta’s Bar, and this is not the first time that the entity has been brought under the microscope.

Given this recent accident, persons have now renewed their calls for strict measures to be taken against the operations of the Bar. While that accident yesterday took place right in front of the bar, there are many accidents across the country that are caused by persons who visit that night spot.

Eyewitnesses explained that after imbibing, the drunk man got into his vehicle and without using his rare view mirror or exercising any care or caution, placed his foot on the accelerator which caused the vehicle to fling from one side of the road to the other, hitting several vehicles in the process and hitting the children before coming to a halt in a trench.

The children, who were walking on the other side of the road with their teacher after completing their day’s extra lesson, were picked up by the vehicle, tossing two of the boys in a corner while the other was pinned under the vehicle for a while.

The driver of the car was then taken into custody at the Kitty Police Station. Immediately after the accident the driver of the vehicle was so drunk that he could not help himself out of the car and remained in the vehicle cool, calm and collective even as the vehicle was partly submerged and had a child pinned underneath.

The brother of the errant driver showed up at the hospital to comfort the relatives of the three boys. The man told iNews that he was surprised at his brother’s action and described him as “a mad man.”

He said that the situation is very hurtful since he has children and would not like to hear that they were hit down on the road by a drunk driver.

The man said that he feels no remorse for the consequences his brother has brought on himself and said that he would wish the full force of the law is measured in dealing with him.



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