CAL increases baggage rate for passengers checking in second luggage

Caribbean Airlines has announced that it has increased its rate for passengers who are desirous of checking a second bag.
caribbean airlinesThe airline said on Tuesday that the new rate of US$30 takes effect on May 1. According to the Trinidad based company, the first checked piece of luggage will continue to fly free, with the maximum weight allowed for each bag remaining 50 pounds.
However, the old baggage rate of US$25 will be honoured on all tickets that were purchased up to March 31, 2016. 
“Customers who travel with carry-on baggage are still entitled to one free carry-on piece not exceeding 22lbs and one personal item which could be in the form of a laptop, briefcase, purse or small bag,” the airline said in a release.
Business class passengers will remain exempted from the baggage fees. They are allowed three complimentary checked bags at 50 lbs each. Customers enrolled in Caribbean Miles & 7th Heaven Rewards Loyalty programmes who have earned silver, gold or executive gold status and passengers purchasing flexible economy fares have also been exempted from the new fees.


  1. CAL increases baggage rate for passengers checking in second luggage…
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