BV ‘Breadman’ strangled to death – Autopsy   

Dead Claymont Telford

A post mortem performed on the body of 63-year-old Clairmonte Telesford proved that he was strangled to death. He was also beaten to the head. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary earlier today.

The now dead man and his wife, Shaundell Emmanuel of Lot 101 Republic Drive, Beterverwagting were attacked on Sunday morning.

It was reported that the couple had just closed their shop located in front of their home and was in the process of packing up their supplies when they were attacked.

Dead Claymonte Telford

<<<Inews>>>understands that three masked men clad in dark clothing emerged from aback of the house and confronted the woman.

Two of the men reportedly led her into the house where they tied her up and began to ransack the bottom flat of the two storey wooden house.

The now dead man upon hearing screams and went to check but instead he was attacked by one of the men who proceeded to tie his hands behind his back and led him outside of the house.

His wife told the Inews that while inside, she was beaten to her head and was choked several times.

The distraught woman who indicated that she has Parkinson disease, said one of the gunmen forced a pistol into her mouth and demanded valuables.

“He choke me and beat me up terrible in my head, then they tek the gun and put it down to my throat and seh that they got to get the money, the jewel and the phone card or they gone killed he (Claymont) but I keep calling and screaming for he (Claymont)…the two that was inside with me kept searching in here for the valuables because I ended up telling them where it was” the terrified woman recalled.

According to the woman, at this time she began screaming for neighbors to lend assistance but no one responded.

“I keep screaming, calling for help but people say they hear me screaming but they ain’t know is what…they ain’t come out and give a hand”. After getting the valuables, the three armed men escaped on motorcycles.

She managed to untie herself and ran outside. It was at this time she found her husband lying in a pool of blood in the yard. Claymont was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Emmanuel was also taken to the Mahaicony Hospital where she was treated and sent away. No arrests were made as police continue their investigations. The man leaves to mourn his wife and one child.


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