Businesswoman shot in head during home invasion


By Leroy Smith

POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Forty-one-year-old businesswoman Angela Hussain is fighting for her life after she was shot in her head by bandits on Monday evening when armed men invaded her business place and terrorized the family.

iNews was informed that at approximately 19:30hrs, five bandits barged into the home at Lot 62 Palmyra No. 2 Village East Canje.

According to one of Hussain’s daughters, when the bandits entered the home, two returned outside and stood guard while one went to her mother. The other two keep an eye on the other occupants of the home. 

The men ransacked the shop taking the money that was earned for the day; however they were not satisfied and demanded more money. After Hussain told them there was no more cash; the man became frustrated and shot her to the head.

The bandit then returned to where the other relatives were and demanded cash and jewellery from the woman’s husband. When he refused, he was struck to the head with the gun; the bandits also struck the eight your old and another occupant of the house to their heads with the gun. One of the guns went off during this process.

The lad was then taken upstairs where he was instructed to tell the bandits where the cash and jewellery were while one of the bandits placed a gun to his head, threatening to shoot him.

The victims related that when the ordeal was over the bandits used a back street and made good their escape in a dark coloured car that had no number plate.

All of the men wore masks to conceal their identities;however four of the men had guns while one carried a cutlass. Police are continuing their investigations into the incident.


  1. You must listen to the taped conversations between the former commissioner of police and the current attorney general. It’s on YouTube.
    Those big wigs seem to know in whose hands the guns are and where they are coming from. Also those AK47 from the GDF which were given to the PNC should be retrieved as Granger was incharge then
    So my suggestions to reduce the gun crime should be : retrieve the AK47’s
    More armed non uniformed cops doing intelligence gathering in the streets, bars night clubs etc
    Get the authors /masterminds behind the robberies, murders
    Go for the big fish-drug lords
    (May be i look at too many hollywood movies)

  2. This slaughter has to stop! It will call for ruthless police action, that will give the butchers the same justice they give their victims.Track them relentlessly, and when you corner them, give them one chance to surrender and if they hesitate., kill them.These butchers respect only the gun, and will kill for sport, as they think they are gangstas.They a
    are not! They are little punks , with big guns.They really need heavy manners.

  3. Perhaps, if we were more constructive in our criticisms, we would be able to help reduce the high rate of crimes. Cease the name calling! When we do not offer a solution, we are just a guilty as the police and government…Let’s be vigilant and report all suspicious activities and make known the addresses of known criminal elements…! What’s your piece of the solutions pie?

  4. The current government say that they crime situation will stop but so far it is getting worst. They r nt concern abt these business ppl.

  5. So maharanee the government is responsible for this madness? If you are saying they are responsible to put an end to it I would agree with you. But they are not responsibke for these crimes or the criminals commiting them. The guns in these hands were not just given to them yesterday.

  6. Well let’s hear what’s the outcome of todays special meeting with the President and others. It’s not getting better.

  7. apnu/afc dont care abt the crime spree.all they care abt in the oil and 2am curfew,,,,they r not saying abt the crimes that is happening everyday….dont knw what to do abt the situation in this country…..

  8. And the crime spree continues. This is the change the country voted for. People must demand protect from this impotent govt.


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