Businesswoman robbed of over $2.7M at Botanical Gardens


A 46-year-old businesswoman is now counting her losses after she was robbed of some $2.7M on Monday afternoon by two armed bandits in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens located on Regent Street and Vlissingen Road, Georgetown.

According to information received, the woman,  left her Grove, East Bank Demerara home at around 10:00hrs yesterday with a yellow handbag containing $360,000 in cash, and 10 ounces of raw gold valued at $2.4M.

She was reportedly using a taxi driven by a 23-year-old man whom she was acquainted with.

The miner allegedly travelled to Georgetown and handled several business transactions before meeting up with her husband and proceeding with the same taxi to the Botanical Gardens to pick up her children.

As the duo were waiting in the motorcar, one armed male approached from an unknown direction and fired a single shot at the vehicle, causing the window screen to shatter.

The bandit then demanded that the woman turn over her valuables, and being fearful, the businesswoman immediately complied.

Seconds later, the perpetrator fled the scene and hopped on a motorcycle being ridden by his accomplice.

The duo then made good their escape.

The matter was immediately reported and an investigation has been launched.


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