Businesswoman en route to bank robbed by armed gunmen


… 1 of the suspects in custody following swift police response 

Police are now investigating the circumstances which led to a businesswoman being robbed of approximately $5M on Monday morning while she was en route to a commercial bank on the East Bank of Demerara.

The victim has been identified as an entrepreneur of Land of Canaan Gardens, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

According to information received, the incident occurred at about 09:30hrs.

INews was told that the woman, who runs a gas station located at the Soesdyke Junction, EBD, left her home with the cash, in the company of a staff.

She reportedly made a stop on the Land of Canaan public road to deliver an invoice to another business, and it was while she was about to enter her motorcar to continue her journey that she was pounced on by one of two armed men.

The bandit allegedly held the woman at gunpoint before grabbing the bag of money from inside her car.

He then ran over to a waiting CG series motorcycle, and handed the bag of money to his pillion rider before they both fled the scene.

This online publication was told that the businesswoman, being affiliated with ranks of the Guyana Police Force, immediately reported the matter.

This resulted in the apprehension of the man who held her at gunpoint, shortly after.

However, the pillion rider-who had the cash in his possession- managed to escape into the bushes along the public road.

Furthermore, INews understands that after CCTV footage in front of the businesswoman’s gas station was reviewed, the man who was arrested was seen talking to another individual at the location- possibly planning the robbery.

It is believed that the entrepreneur might have been trailed.

An investigation is on-going. (Ramona Luthi)



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