Businessmen under probe for tampering with expiry date on products

The tampered and original expiry dates on the Diet Pepsi




Several local businessmen are now under investigation after it was found that the expiration date on a batch of Diet Pepsi was tampered with to show that it has a longer shelf-life.

Information reaching this publication shows that the batch of Diet Pepsi expired in August 2022 but that date was tampered with and changed to December 2023.

The investigation was launched after a batch of the beverage was supplied to a popular hotel and the discovery was made.

On Tuesday, the Police and the Government Analyst – Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) was called in after a number of tampered items were found by the local hotel.

As investigators pursued the matter and confronted one of the businessmen, he claimed that his establishment purchased a batch of Diet Pepsi from another local importer.

When that importer was contacted for the import information and batch number from the overseas supplier, he claimed that he purchased the items from “people walking around” and selling.

He claimed he is unaware of these persons’ names and addresses.

Meanwhile, a number of other items are stored in the warehouse of one of the local businessmen and this publication understands that efforts are being made for the items to be recalled from the local market.

Additionally, several other items are being checked for tampering. Charges are expected to be instituted against the businessmen.