Businessmen chip in to help ease transportation woes of Berbice students

The two buses, David G 1 and 2 that were handed over to the people of Region Five

President David Granger and his Administration yesterday, Friday, January 15, presented the keys to two 30-seater buses for school children to the Region Five, Regional Democratic Council (RDC). The vehicles were donated by corporate citizens to the President’s “Boats, Buses and Bicycles” (‘three Bs’) programme which aims to lessen the financial burden of transportation on parents of school-age children.

The two buses, David G 1 and 2 that were handed over to the people of Region Five
The two buses, David G 1 and 2 that were handed over to the people of Region Five

A group, organised by businessman, Mr. Brian Tiwarie of BK International Incorporated, donated the buses. Other members who are also part of the group include; Mr. Nazruddin Mohammed of Jumbo Jet Trucking Service and Auto Sales, Mr. Eaton Chester, Managing Director of Citizens Bank, Mr. Eddie Boyer from National Hardware, and Canada–based Guyanese Mr. Art Ricknauth and Gordon Winter, who organised a fund raiser.

When he was on the campaign trail five years ago, President Granger said that he met a school child at Trafalgar, West Coast Berbice, who told him that her parents had to spend $5,000 per week in transportation costs alone, so that she could attend the Berbice High School in New Amsterdam. He noted that this situation obtained in many other communities across Guyana. As such, one of the first interventions he made after assuming office in May 2015 was to launch the ‘three Bs’ initiative.

Emphasising the importance of education in eradicating poverty, the President said that once all of Guyana’s children are given equal opportunities to access education, the country will develop rapidly because education and economic prosperity are intrinsically linked.

The President was accompanied by Minister of Social Cohesion, Ms. Amna Ally, who has been instrumental in garnering support from the business community, along with several other Government Ministers. A large number of residents turned out to welcome the Head of State and his Cabinet, at the commissioning ceremony held in the RDC compound at Fort Wellington.



  1. The first named businessman from BK international was very close to the previous administration. A visit to his quarry and his office both at kingston and Mandella avenue, one would have seen many photographs hung on the walls with him posing with Jagdeo, Samuel Hinds, Ramotar and other big wigs of the PPP.
    Yes, they were his friends then but now that they are in opposition, they are his worst enemies. He has to donate and donate BIG or else no contracts. Boyer was also a fierce critic of the PNC. They have all become soup drinkers especially BK. Time will tell.

  2. Congratulations to the Hon. President and the good human natured business men and patriotic Guyanese.
    I wish I was able to have this when I was at school, it would have made my life so much easier.

    To the beneficiaries of this service, Be THANKFUL, TAKE GREAT CARE OF the BUSES- no writing or marking on the seats. Neither, do not leave garbage on them.BE on time to catch them.
    To the parents, be nice to the drivers and keep watchful eyes out for those who may want to destroy this present to your children.
    Way to go.


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