Businessman remanded for allegedly trafficking cocaine


The business owner of Glow Again Boutique was on Monday charged after he was allegedly intercepted by Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) ranks with cocaine in his possession.

Gavin Blackman, 42, of Norton Street, Worthmanville denied that he had approximately 1.12 kilograms of cocaine in his possession on May 4, 2018 for the purpose of trafficking.

Attorney for Blackman, James Bond contested that his client did not traffic the cocaine as it did not belong to him.

He argued that his client was visiting a handicapped friend of his when he was arrested after the illicit substance was found in the neighbouring yard to where he was visiting.

However, Police Prosecutor, Gordon Mansfield told the Court that CANU ranks were investigating the defendant and on the day in question he was being trailed.

According to Mansfield, at around 09:30hrs, the defendant was seen with a black plastic bag when he visited his friend’s  Norton Street home. He was called upon by a rank but subsequently ran and was seen throwing the illicit drugs into his friend’s house.

When the said bag was searched by the CANU rank, the cocaine was found inside.  As such, Blackman was arrested and charged with the offence against him.

The defendant was remanded to prison to return on June 7, 2018 for reports.


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