Businessman killed execution style in La Jalousie home

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall (L) [Photo Courtesy of Nakasia Logan]

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall (L) [Photo Courtesy of Nakasia Logan]
Dead: Ganesh Ramlall (L)
[Photo Courtesy of Nakasia Logan]
[] – The usually quiet community of La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara was thrown into a state of shock on Saturday night (July 04) when 48 – year – old Ganesh Ramlall was gunned down outside his house.

The businessman, who owns the Multiplex Mall on Regent Street, Georgetown was shot some five times, including once to the head.

Reports reaching iNews indicate that the businessman had just arrived home, when he was approached by four men and brutally gunned down, execution style.

See updated story here: Businessman gunned down; family criticize police for slow response. Read More:




  1. Hmmmmmmm! So tired of all the “Know it Alls – I Have the Answer” Who use this blog to express themselves with so much bad grammar and spelling! Most comments are filled with race hate & venom – We’re just looking for an opportunity to make the present administration look bad! Come on, Guyanese are more intelligent than this/that!!!!!!

  2. For someone who claims you have an MBA an is also an MD you sure is still a jackass, you explained yourself very eloquently, you are a thief who stole a Church Bus and sold it to get to the US to became a US millonaire, and now you run a US billion dollar firm, this story is for the 202.000 moronic pppc followers who believes a good lie, if I achieved what you claimed to be I would not be afraid to publish my name, the world loves great achievers, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, but you can only state your claims in this cheap forum because you are just another stink mouth pppc liar. I challenge you to go public so we can authenticate your story.

  3. Welcome to Guyana’s second reign of terror. As a teenager, I live under the 1st sponsored by Forbes Burnham and his House of Israel thugs. I stole a church bus and escaped to Surinam, then came to the USA. Went to medical school to get an MD, practiced and made millions (US), went back to school for my MBA, and now run a US billion dollar firm.
    As long as Granger/Nuggamoooto is in power, don’t plan on returning. As Jim Jones quoted, “if you do not remember the past, you are condemned to repeat it.”

  4. This situation is getting out of control.
    Mr Granger wrote extensively on security reform the colation should now put these to action.
    We have a dozen ex military and ex police advising and this is the result.
    Coalition this is not what you promised.
    Come on guys i voted for you for a reason dont let me down.

  5. Too many businessmen and people that are successful are getting killed off, this is a clear message that we should stay out of Guyana. We love our country but there should be no time for blames anymore , we have to wipe out this pestilence that persists in destroying our country and it’s reputation.

  6. The police has its job to do, are they doing it? NO. Too many crimes in a very short time. This case has a lot more to it, he borrowed money from the Royal Bank of COCAINE ,,,,,the interst rate is life,eather in prison or death, the tax collectors are hit men walking around FREE and protected by the law,,

  7. SLY you never seem to amaze me with your are so foolish its beyond belief. Its people like you that were in power that have this country where it is right now.”id-iota”

  8. Let us first start blaming the Justice System. The magistrates and Judges who passed down these light sentences must be blamed. The Chief Justice who grants bail to these bandits should be blamed. The Dpp for most of her decisions must be blamed. The entire JUSTICE SYSTEM needs revamping.

  9. The police has to be paid more so they can focus more on the right people when they are patrolling rather than stopping and searching a person with a fancy car with little tint and appears to have money these are not the people involve in crime. According to them it’s the right focus but it’s the wrong, the robbers moving on foot,bicycles, motor bikes regular looking vehicles eg. busses, taxi etc. People who suppose to be protected feel the pain eg. how many people with a BMW, BENZ a fancy toyota Allion/Primo, Tocoma and all these vehicles over Two Million Dollars will u find Robbing and Gun crime everyday and u know what, at all Road Block in Guyana these are the People who they pressure. Lol when they pull a Money Man in d corner cause them see Lil tint pay time The criminals passing free in a normal Taxi or Old car. So at first they the police has to get more pay and they have to focus more and assess the right people for the right reason CRIME. A cg Motor bike don’t has tint, the robber man In a bus don’t walk with tint, bicycle bandit don’t ride with tint. Them have guns to rob and kill innocent people. I have a lot more to say to help the People who making Poor Decisions to help us.

  10. This is beyond sane rather than be critical each of us should come up with possible solutions to this scourge. Time for random “Stop and Frisk” If an individual(s) looks suspicious stop and search them. Part of the problem is too many guns in the wrong hands. The police must be able to send a strong message even to the point of stepping on constitutional rights. This situation needs drastic responses. Let us lend solutions.

  11. Very sad indeed. I can’t understand what is going on. The crime rate is really escalating in Guyana.

  12. And the killings /murders/executions continue unabated. Another family in mourning. Who will this administration blame?
    Mr Ramjattan, Rohee is not the Home Affairs minister. He cannot be the whipping boy for the crimes now being committed. You had many field days when you were in opposition. You passed a No Confidence” motion in parliament against Rohee. You used every opportunity to go for the scalp of Rohee. Since this administration took power, murders, executions and other forms of criminality have escalated beyond the FINEMAN reign of terror. Now you are in the driving seat, you will feel the heat and it seems it is getting too hot to handle.
    Where is MOSES? Get him to help lead the nation out of this troubled period if he can.


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