Businessman distressed after being robbed 6 times in 3 years

Businessman Kris Seymour and his place of business

A 40-year-old businessman has expressed frustration and fear, after he has been the victim of armed robberies some six times in three years.

Kris Seymour, who operates the Zico Shop at Riverview Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was robbed by bandits on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred at his place of business and in the presence of his 16-year-old son who is now traumatised.

Seymour told this publication that on Tuesday evening, he was waiting to take his mother home, when a motorcycle arrived at his shop.

“All I see is a XR pull up and a man jump off of the XR and come and pull out a [weapon], and he stick me up and snatch off my chain. He see something in me pocket but it wasn’t nothing it was an empty plastic bag. I had my car keys in my pocket and he take the car keys,” Seymour explained.

The businessman said his chain is worth $450,000. He said the men came directly to him, because they passed everyone else that was sitting at the shop, and pointed the gun in his direction, while making demands.

“Every year they would come one or two time at the same location. We make reports about these robberies but it doesn’t make no sense really. My son is in shock because he never experienced something like this…” the businessman said.

Following the robbery, Seymour made a report at the Ruimveldt Police Station.

The businessman is now fearful for his life and he is pleading with authorities to do more to help protect him and his family.