Business icon, Dr. Yesu Persaud passes on the mantle

Yesu Persaud
Yesu Persaud

[]After serving Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) for 50 years as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Yesu Persaud has decided to retire.

This announcement was made on Saturday, November 16 during a press conference at the Pegaus Hotel. Dr. Persaud’s retirement will take effect on December 31, 2013 and taking over the mantle from him will be Komal Samaroo.

According to Director of DDL, Rudy Collins, the retirement did not come as a surprise but it was simply a question of timing. The business giant took over DDL in 1975 when it was named ‘Diamond Liquor Ltd’.

Dr. Persaud told the news conference that at that time, the company was bankrupt.

“I stand here very proud to be leaving a company or companies, and seeing where they are today, and not only because they are profitable but they are producing the best of the best of the world,” Dr. Persaud told reporters.

While the option is open to him to return and live in England or Canada, Dr. Persaud said he has decided to remain in his homeland to “help people help themselves.”

“I have been going on the fast lane for too long, I need to slow down a bit,” the 85 – year – old business icon said. When questioned, Dr. Persaud said that his high point would be the company being able to produce branded products.

Now that he is leaving, Dr. Persaud’s advice to upcoming managers is to have good personal relations, good human relations and good relationships with everyone in spite of who they are.

“I knew nothing if distilling, but I was able to get people to work for us, not against us. You have to make people feel wanted and make them part of the business,” the tycoon advised.



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