Bush Lot family terrorised in armed robbery


A Bush Lot family was terrorised by two masked men brandishing handguns on Tuesday evening as bandits continue their rampage on the Corentyne, in Berbice.

Based on information reaching this publication, around 22:45h the men invaded the Bush Lot home where Tameshwar Singh, 19, was lying in his hammock under the house talking on his cellular phone. The men immediately grabbed the phone and dragged the teen into the house.

His mother, who was asleep, was alerted by her son calling out to her and went to the living room where she was confronted by the bandits. One pointed a gun at her and demanded cash and jewellery.

The woman, Sasewatti Singh, 37, told this publication that she immediately went into the bedroom and gave one of the intruders a bag containing $20,000.

One of the gunmen also grabbed the two finger rings the woman was wearing and a pair of gold bangles. The men also went to the woman’s 18-year-old daughter and took away a gold band and her cellular phone.

A gold ring was also taken from Tameshwar, who was being held at gunpoint. The men, not satisfied with the loot, proceeded to ransack the house as they continued to demand cash and jewellery.

During the ordeal one of the men threatened Tameshwar that they were there to kill him if he made any noise.

The men made good their escape before Police arrived.

Several persons have been questioned as the Police are investigating.



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