Boxer Vivian Harris escapes death as bus explodes – in heavy early-morning traffic at Eccles


Former world-rated Guyanese boxer, Vivian Harris, narrowly escaped death when the minibus he was driving exploded into a ball of flames in heavy traffic on the East Bank highway around 9:50 hrs this morning.

Vivian Harris
Vivian Harris

Mr. Harris told INews that he, along with the owner of the bus and another person, were on their way to a  mechanic  ‘over the river’ (West Bank)  since the bus was stuttering every time it stopped.

Harris said he heard a loud explosion and soon after noticed smoke emanating from the bottom of the bus. “We just run out and started getting water and throw it…as we jump out the fire got higher and higher and the neighbours started helping us,” he commented.

The  bus, bearing registration number BJJ 1801, was travelling from Georgetown and heading up the East Bank of Demerara when it exploded  in the vicinity of Eccles. It is not clear what caused the fire, but persons at the scene speculate that the bus ‘over heated’. A bucket brigade was formed but the bus was completely damaged. Fire fighters arrived on the scene while the bus was still on fire. No one was reported injured.




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  1. Pedro, the first thing they teach you in a fire situation is to evacuate. A fire extinguisher is for a small controllable fire, one you can see and manage. From what the ex-boxer was saying this came from the bottom of the bus. I don`t think a fire extinguisher would have been of any use. Please remember the fact that there is a tank full of fuel, to go up like a bomb. The first priority is to get the passengers to safety far away from the bus. But I agree with you they should have extinguishers and drivers’ training.

  2. Drivers need to pay attention to their Temperature Gauge whilst driving especially as in this case as Harris explained.

  3. All public transport must be made tocarry a small ABC fire extinguisher, and the drivers must be trained to use it.Fires if dealt with, in the first few minutes, can be extinguished.This should be part of the fitness for public transportation vehicles, as well as drivers.


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