Bus Driver, Conductor arrested for assaulting Traffic Cop

Image showing the traffic rank being assaulted.

Following a public confrontation between bus operators and a police officer which has since gone viral on social media, two men have been arrested and charged for assaulting the traffic rank.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, involved operators of a Route 45 minibus, BTT 9225.

Carlos Bacchus, 29, and Troy Peters, 34, of Victoria, East Coast Demerara (ECD) were slapped with a sleuth of charges including: breach of condition of road service licence, failure to produce driver’s licence, failure to comply with direction and resisting and assaulting an officer.

The operators are expected to be arraigned before a city magistrate on Monday. In the meanwhile, they were placed on station bail.

On the other hand, another video also went viral on social media Thursday, showing the driver of a private security service being very much abusive and insulting towards a Policeman who was conducting traffic duties on Broad Street, Charlestown.

That driver has also been detained and is assisting with the investigation.

In light of these incidents, the Police Force is urging citizens to report all cases of misconduct of ranks to the relevant authorities in efforts to maintain peace and good order in society, rather than being confrontational since such behaviour will not be condoned.



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