Burglar tries to rape young mother while sleeping, but flees when she screamed


A young mother and her three-year-old son are now left traumatized after a lone bandit, armed with a knife, assaulted and robbed them of cash and valuables at their home in East Canje, Berbice.

Reports indicate that 21-year-old Drupatie Karran was sleeping in the same bed with her son in her Lot 42 Second Street, Betsy Ground, East Canje home, when she was awoken by the feeling of someone rubbing their hands across her body.

After realizing that the armed man was standing over her, with a condom on his penis, while holding a knife to her son’s neck, Karran screamed. This caused the suspect to quickly flee the scene.The house where the attack occurred

Karran reported that upon inspection of her home, she noticed that it had been ransacked, and a large sum of cash and valuables including two laptop computers, one cellular phone and jewelry were missing. She noted that there were signs of forced entry at the back door of the two-storied home.

The mother and son were reportedly sleeping in a bedroom on the lower flat of the building at the time of the incident. The young lady noted that her husband was at work. The woman is calling on the police to heighten security in the area, noting that this is the third time her home has been broken into.

Investigations are ongoing.


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