Budget debate commences today


The National Assembly will become the hub of attention over the next few days as Parliamentarians from both sides of the august House are expected to debate on the $230 billion Budget 2016  that was presented by Finance Minister Winston Jordan last week.

Jordan‘s Budget, the second presented within eight months, is dubbed ‘Stimulating Growth, Restoring Confidence: The Good Life Beckons’. But while Government seemingly has moved in the direction to provide a “good life” for Guyanese, criticisms have already begun pouring in on the country’s financial plan.

Budget 12Opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo said Budget 2016 is anything but a good life for Guyanese. He highlighted some areas where Government could have been a little more lenient and has called on the administration to humanise the budget by reversing and adjusting some of the measures outlined in favour of policies and programmes that will directly benefit the poor and struggling masses, as well as emerging small-scale Guyanese businesses.

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira ,has labelled this year’s Budget a “taxation” budget even as she hinted that the debates will be “hot”.

She, along with several opposition Parliamentarians had met with members of the Media last Wednesday, where their criticisms mounted over sections of the financial plan.

Based on their condemnation, it was obvious what particular areas will be debated during the course of this week.

The debate starts this afternoon.



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