Brothers charged with stealing cows granted bail




Cows[] – Two brothers accused of stealing cows were yesterday granted on $125,000 bail each by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

Twenty – two – year old Seon Garraway of East La Penitence, Georgetown and 29 – year – old Leon Garraway, both denied two counts of simple larceny charges.

Particulars of the first charge stated that on October 09 at Sophia, East Coast Demerara, they stole two cows valued $500,000, property of Ramkellwan Ramnauth.

The other charge alleged that on the same day at Sophia they stole a cow valued $180,000, property of Collin George.

Police Prosecutor, Michael Grant told the Court that on the day in question Ramkellawan took his cows to graze at Sophia for about 30 minutes and left them there.

Upn his return, he noticed that two of his cows were missing and subsequently reported the matter to the Police.

Grant said that all the cows were branded and two of the two were found at Garraway’s home. He noted that one of the cows was slaughtered, while the other could not be found.

The duo was represented by Attorney – at – Law, Paul Fung- A – Fat, who requested bail.

The case was transferred to the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court for November 7.



  1. Ramkellwan Ramnauth and Collin George should be charged..they lose their animals to graze and these very animals in turn eat up people plants and break up their parpets and shit on your bridge and when u talk the cow owners want threaten to burn your property…where are the stray animal catchers when you need them..some of these cow animal owners are terrorists..thier animals come in your yard eat up your plants and whatever and when one complains the terrorists tells you to keep your gates closed… Seon & Leon Garraway should be handed a medal.I hope this bit of info is sent to their lawyers so they know how these terrorists operates when they bring their animals to graze.


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