Brothers arrested for $5M robbery at Rose Hall


The Police have arrested two brothers in connection with a $5 million robbery committed on the A&S Store at Rose Hall Town, Berbice between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

The police stated that the owner of the business, Amirah Hamid reportedly closed the door to the business at about 18:30h on Thursday evening. However, she reportedly opened the business on Friday at about 8:15h and observed a metal door at the back of the building opened.

As she looked closer, she realized that the door was wrenched opened. This prompted her to make checks in the store when she observed that several high-end phones along with electronic devises and money missing.

The door that was wrenched opened by the burglars

She immediately raised an alarm and the police were summoned. A relative of the businesswoman told Inews that after the bandit removed the articles, they reportedly used methylated spirit to wipe off any visible finger prints.

In addition, she related that the burglars escaped with 12 iPhone 12 valued $2.4 million, five iPhone 12 Pro Max valued $1.6 million, 35 Samsung Galaxy cellphones valued $1.5 million, one Digi Tronic tablet valued $65,000 and $20,000 in cash.

However, based on information received, police conducted a search on the home of one of the suspects in Williamsburg Village Corentyne Berbice on Saturday where he pointed led ranks to a location where he hid several mobile phones in relation to the robbery.

As such, 23 cellphones were recovered and have been lodged as evidence. Further investigations led to the arrest of another male. The phones were all identified by the businesswoman.  The duo remains in custody assisting with investigations.