Brother killed rescuing sister from bandits

Dead: Matthew Scott

A North East La Penitence man was on Tuesday evening shot dead after he rushed to his sister’s aid as she was being attacked by two gunmen outside their home. The incident occurred just before 23:00hrs.

Dead: Matthew Scott
Dead: Matthew Scott

Dead is 26-year-old Matthew Scott of Lot 291 North East La Penitence, Georgetown.

It was reported that the sister of the now dead man, in the company of another female villager, was walking along Toucan Street heading home and upon reaching in front of her house, two men exited a tinted dark blue Toyota 212 motor car, which was parked nearby and attacked them.

An alarm was raised and Scott rushed out of the house to rescue his sister, but was shot by the bandits instead. Based on reports, he sustained a single gunshot wound to his chest and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Speaking with this publication on Wednesday, his sister Simone Waldron-Scott related that while heading home, she noticed the strange car parked outside her home but did not think anything of it until the men emerged and attacked them.

She recalled that the men went to the older woman first but she pulled out a knife, which she keeps on her person for protection, and brandished it at the men.

Scott was shot and killed while attempting to rescue his sister during a robbery in front of the family home
Scott was shot and killed while attempting to rescue his sister during a robbery in front of the family home

“When she pulled out the knife, they left her and one of the boys come up to me and gave one cuff straight to my (right) ear. Then we had a scramble and he snatched off my chain, and pelt a shot at me but he missed; so he raised his foot to kick me,” the woman recounted.

At this point, she noted, the other woman raised an alarm to alert the family of what was transpiring and the gunman also fired at shot her (elderly woman), but missed again. Nevertheless, the screams and gunshots alerted Waldron-Scott’s family, and her 26-year-old brother rushed outside with her teenage son.

The woman further related that her brother picked up a brick to hit the gunman and that was when he was shot.

“When they come outside, my brother pushed my son away and that’s how he ended up get shoot… I fight back, why y’all didn’t take me; y’all had to shoot me brother, my only brother,” the grieving woman lamented.

Furthermore, the woman related that she saw her brothers’ killer and described him as “fair skin, tall with screwed hair and with a tattoo on his neck… that’s the guy who attacked me and shoot my brother but he ain’t getting off so… I going all out for my brother, I need justice for myself and my brother.”

The expecting father, who was employed as a maintenance mechanic in the ‘Rum Factory’ at Banks DIH Limited, was married only three weeks ago. His wife, who is five months pregnant, was too distraught to speak to the media, but was observed washing away the blood stains in front of the gate as she sobbed in grief.

Meanwhile, Police have since received some information about the incident and are following the leads on the suspects. This newspaper understands that apart from the two suspects, there was also a third person driving the vehicle. (Guyana Times)


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