Bring it on! …New Mayor welcomes audit of City Hall


Newly-elected Mayor of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) Patricia Chase-Green has said she welcomes with open arms any attempt by the Auditor General to carry out an audit of City Hall.

A recently elected People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Councillor, Bishram Kuppen, just two days ago, joined the list of voices which previously called for an independent probe into the operations of City Hall. He said with the completion of Local Government Elections (LGE) and the appointment of a new Council, it was time that they get down with serious business of managing the affairs of the city.

New Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green taking the Oath of Office
New Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green taking the Oath of Office

Kuppen said many citizens have expressed grave concerns about transparency and accountability at City Hall, especially with the election of past members of the City Council, including the Mayor-elect and Chairman of the Finance Committee and some of its members who have been part of the administration at City Hall for many years.

But even with these claims, the new Mayor said she has nothing to hide. She related that even before she became Deputy Mayor, serving under former Mayor Hamilton Greene, she had always been calling for an audit to be held.

“Before I became Mayor or Deputy Mayor, I supported audits. I had also written to the Auditor General for him to come to City Hall to carry out an audit”, she was quoted in a section of the media as saying.

Chase-Green said back in 2012, she had written more than three letters for the then Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker for him to intervene and have the audits done, particularly because of the excessive spending and abuse of funds by then acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba. She said nothing to that effect has taken place.

“So, I will not object to an audit. The Auditor General is free to come,” she said.

“I have nothing to hide,” she reiterated.


  1. I second that DK. But not only the Auditor General, private and independent audit firms. BRING IT ON.

  2. Another loud mouth moron–empty barrel–she is all talk no substance–power drunk — give her a few days and she will be another member of the travelling APNU clan–they cant manage anything so why not enjoy themselves with the free money.while the knuckle heads that put them in power white mouth getting bigger and brighter,

  3. That’s Right !!! Let those without SIN cast the first stone, could someone name an honest politician? The money Soba use for TV and fancy office that she was stinking up could have been use for the purchase of 20 fogging machines, the 3p got exited as lf they were going to have the big TICK soba in the mayors seat, GT is so funny,politicians have very little interest in developing Guyana, its all selfishness.

  4. Bring it on! …New Mayor welcomes audit of City Hall.
    Bring it on to all those that were at the heap of city hall.
    They are not only the most corrupt humans on earth but are the most barefaced bullies to citizens whom they know they can shake down for a raise in conducting their business. She is part and parcel of that corruption so when she says bring it on then she has lots to hide…you need the right people to do the audits..then you bet your life she will cry to have those people removed from her bring it on audits.


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