Bridge linking Wakapoa with Akawini destroyed in suspected vandalism

The logs that stretched across the length of the bridge were cut in smaller pieces and displaced severely hampering access to commuters

A bridge which links two Amerindian communities, Wakapoa and Akawini (located in Pomeroon-Supenaam, Region Two) to each other was on Friday last completely destroyed and is affecting the residents from passing.

According to a source, residents were shocked when they turned up to use the bridge to find it vandalised.

Both communities use the bridge on a daily basis and residents of Wakapoa believe that due to a boundary dispute between the two Amerindian communities, someone from Akawini destroyed the bridge with a chainsaw, cutting the logs into pieces with the intention of stopping all tractors from moving logs from Akawini to Wakapoa.

Junior Minster of Indigenous Affair, Valerie Garrido-Lowe visited the area on Saturday with the Police and a suspect has since been arrested.

As logging is the main source of income for the two communities, the residents are calling for the bridge to be urgently repaired.


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