Brian Tiwari has no say on government policy – President Granger


President David Granger has made it clear that businessman, Mr. Brian Tiwari, has no say on government policies and appointments.

 The President, while responding to questions posed by media operatives, earlier this evening, on the press statement which was released by Mr. Tiwari today,  made it clear that he will not respond to the contents of Tiwari’s statement.

“I won’t respond to Mr. Tiwari and Mr. Tiwari does not determine my policy and I will just leave it at that,” the President declared.

Rewards for Businesses

President David Granger
President David Granger

Questioned on whether the appointment of Mr. Brian Tiwari was a sign that the APNU/AFC government was rewarding members from the private sector for their contributions during the elections campaign and even after the government had come into power, the President noted that his administration “accepts and appreciates the help of corporate citizens” but nothing has been asked of nor given by his administration in return.

“I don’t know what he [Brian Tiwari] is looking forward to. It is true that we have received a lot of support from the business community. As you know we have launched the five B’s initiative. All of those buses have been donated by members of the business community. A lot of bicycles have been donated by members of the business community so it is true that the Government has received a lot of gifts from the business community. They have helped cleaned up, they are corporate citizens but I am not aware that they have asked for anything in return,” a statement from Mr Granger’s office quoted him as saying.

Additionally, the statement said President Granger addressed reports which had suggested that the coalition had benefitted from $100 million from the businessman. The President made it clear that this was not true.

“I don’t know about that. I don’t know about any $100 million. Not from Mr. Tiwari or any other source”, Granger said.

China Trip

The President again reiterated that the Minister of State, along with In-House Legal Counsel of the National Industrial Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Ms. Natalia Seepersaud were in China on official government business.

“As I said on the onset, Mr. Harmon went on an official assignment with Ms. Seepersaud on NICIL business to China, which I understand and approved and he has reported on that matter,” the President said. (Kindly refer to earlier INews report for Mr Tiwari’s statement in which he lashes out at those trying to tarnish his character.)


  1. Brian Tiwari has no say on government policy – President Granger..
    These people are only talking for the ears of their gullible dunces..
    If Harmonger hire BK to take advise from BK then to implement his policy then you want the public to know that Harmonger is not part of Government?
    How dumb you clowns thinks people really are?
    In simple words—Harmonger hired BK for business advise to be implemented for Government…geeeezz you all ent sick and tired of talking to yall gullible?


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