Breaking! Woman rescued after jumping from Harbour Bridge…motorcyclists lauded for heroic efforts


A young woman was rescued by two motorcyclists shortly before noon today (Tuesday), after she jumped off the Demerara Harbour Bridge in an apparent suicide attempt.

bridgeReports are the unidentified woman had just jumped from the top of the bridge into the Demerara River when two motorcyclists who were passing by at the time noticed what was happening. In what is regarded as a brave effort, the men immediately jumped after the woman and pulled her to safety.

Sources say the woman who was seen walking across the bridge moments before looked very troubled, but persons did not expect her to take the plunge.

Many onlookers hailed the heroic efforts of the men who risked their own lives to rescue the woman. The woman has since been placed into the custody of the police and medical professionals are also expected to intervene.

INews will provide an update on this story as soon as more details become available.





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