Breaking! Sugar workers down tools to protest Wales Estate closure


A significant percentage of sugar workers at the various estates throughout the country downed their tools this morning to send a message to the Government that they are standing in solidarity against the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

sugar1INews was told that the workers who are participating in this one-day strike action are members of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE).

Additionally, the workers who have downed their tools today are also protesting for their 2015 Annual Production Incentive (API) and 2015 wage/salary increases to be addressed immediately.



  1. Side Kick u should be kicked, why close the industry. U dont tek bread if u cant give. A little bit of restructuring should be all that is needed.

  2. Yall must also pay a courtesy call on the PNC East Indians who sold yall out so that ABC countries along with GECOM made your votes not count..

    Anand Persaud SN: Glen Lall KN:Surujbally:Nagamoottoo, Ropenarine,:Fred Kissoon:Sasenarine Singh:Mike Persaud:TarranKemraj:Goolsarran:Gino Persaud.Yesu Persaud. Balram Persaud, Anand Goolsarran,,CN Sharma, Daizal Samad, Gerhard Ramsaroop, Ron Persaud, Surendra Persaud, Nadia Sagar, Joey Jagan , Alvin Kallicharran , Saphier Husain-Subedar, Tulsi Dyal Singh ,Tiwari ,Vishnu Persaud Cris Ram, Ramaya , Charrandass, Eshwar Vevakanand Persaud

    Yall failed to say a word and take serious action every time KN and SN peddled their lies about your PPP political party..
    Yall must take a page out of PNC and their supporters book where they take to the streets not only to fight for their rights but fight like hell for their wrongs too..

    How many elections after elections PNC supporters beat robbed loot and burnt yall business while the said ABC countries along with CARICOM countries stood on the side lines?? How much more you people will have to endure before you really join PPP in not only voting on election day..This must be the final wake up call for you people..

  3. The sugar industry has become a negative industry…when it takes such huge subsidies to earn so little foreign currency..We can make far more foreign currency with a profitable entity. If we replace most of our sugar cane lands, with the Hemp plant. No not marijuana. Hemp that we use to make rope, except it is used to produce hundreds more products sold throughout the world. It also replenishes the soil it grows in, and can be planted in fallow sugarcane and rice fields. Think 21st century and not ‘appan jaat’!

  4. Good, save money. Maybe they will close the industry for good, then it can declare bankruptcy and then re-orgnise to a lean, nonpolitical industry able to perhaps break even. The workers and the ‘Gutlesswu’ union and their political masters, the PooPyParty, might then realize this is the 21st century and not the mid 20th century. Sugar is no longer king here or anywhere. We need desperatly to realize that.

  5. Breaking! Sugar workers down tools to protest Wales Estate closure
    What took them this long for their rum loaded eyes to be fully opened?
    Its about time these cane cutters open their eye to ethnic cleansing.
    There are three men to be held accountable for this–Not any in PNC circles since PNC knows they cant win election with their small bases supporters.
    The big three to be held accountable are Rumjhaat – Nagababboo and Ropenarine..
    Those three knew they never brought that 11% Indian votes to put PNC over the top last election..
    After Rumjhaat dead meat comment they were told to join PNC to make it appear an ethnic unity party so ABC countries and GECOM went to work to make like magic for a PNC win..


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