BREAKING: Speaker upholds passed no-confidence motion

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland
Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland has refused Government’s request that he reverse the passage of the No-confidence motion.

The Speaker acknowledged that he does have the authority to revisit and reverse rulings. At the same time, he noted that he must at all times act in conformity with the constitution.

As such, Scotland informed the chambers that their questions must first be settled outside of Parliament.

He noted that if there is a court ruling that puts to rest any doubts, such a ruling would guide his future actions.

The incumbent APNU/AFC government has already signaled through its Attorney General Basil Williams that should the Speaker’s ruling not be in their favour, they will move to the courts.

Chief Whip for the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Gail Teixeira in a missive to the Speaker said that her Party will not be taking part in today’s sitting of the National Assembly. Her request was acquiesced by the Speaker during today’s sitting.

Teixeira in her letter to the Speaker, among other things, noted that the no-confidence motion having been conclusively dealt with, in, and, by the National Assembly on the 21st December, 2018, is not open to review.

According to the Party, Parliament should only reconvene to deal with the hosting of the elections and not continue as usual since the Government has been defeated by a no-confidence vote.



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