Breaking News…Another fire breaks out at Camp St. Prison


Less than three weeks after the deadly rioting at the Camp Street Prison which claimed the lives of seventeen inmates, another fire of unknown origin broke out moments ago at another section of the jail house.

File photo
File photo

According to a source, Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranks have been deployed at the location and are trying to control the situation.

INews understands that some of the prisoners are presently demanding their freedom.

INews will provide more details as they become available.


  1. I was actually waiting for this to happened again…the door was open on their first demand. It will continue to happen until the correction department actually run the prison has it should “like an actual PRISON”. Corrections Officers need to stop taking bribe from criminals and do their JOB. Most of all bring back the DEATH PENALTY and put them to death who deserve it. Guyana is going to HELL in a basket at the hands of the criminals.


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