Another fire averted at UG

The scene of the fire on Tuesday [Alva Solomon Photo]
The scene of the fire on Tuesday [Alva Solomon Photo]

[] – Just days after a fire completely destroyed the Natural Sciences Faculty at the University of Guyana, firefighters on Thursday saved another building from a similar fate.

Two fire tenders from the Central Fire Station in Georgetown raced to the University of Guyana for the second time this week to tend a reported electrical fire at the campus.

When iNews arrived at the location it was found that nothing major had taken place nor could access be granted beyond a certain point.

The area where the alleged electrical fire started is a section on the campus which is currently under construction at the rear of the compound.


  1. Sorry to hear about all these fires at the University of Guyana’s. One of the President’s campaign promises was, he will build a “five star” University for Guyana. He didn’t want a five star Marriott. His Minister of Education, Roopnarine, who not so long back wished to be PM of Guyana, told the nation that he will fix UG in 5 years, if not fire him. We shall see!!!


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