BREAKING: Mother found guilty of fatally poisoning her 2 children


…sentencing deferred after she collapses in court

Twenty five-year-old, Awena Rutherford has been unanimously found guilty, by a 12-member jury, of killing her two children.

Awena Rutherford was found guilty of poisoning her two children

After the decision was rendered, Rutherford was heard screaming and she subsequently collapsed on the courtroom floor. 

After 20 minutes had expired and the woman was still on the floor, Justice Navindra Sing left the bench and adjourned the matter for Friday at 1pm for sentencing.

Rutherford who was on trial for fatally poisoning her two children maintained that she thought she was buying cold tablets for them.

Represented by Attorney Adrian Thompson, she is accused of giving her children, one-year-old Jabari Codogan and four-year-old Odascia Codogan, 2 halves of one carbon tablet which caused their deaths on March 27, 2014.

“Who would go to the Plaisance Bus Park to buy cold tablets from a man that sells rat poison?” was the question State Prosecutor Tiffini Lyken had put to the 12 member-jury during her closing address at Awena Rutherford’s manslaughter trial on Wednesday.

She also drank two of the same tablets and was hospitalised for several days.

During Wednesday’s hearing before Justice Singh, Jabari Codogan Sr, testified via Skype from Brooklyn, New York that he supported his children even after he separated from Rutherford, and that he communicated with them every day.

He told the jury that he was never told that they were suffering from a cold.

Awena and the children were staying with the defendant’s sister, Monica Sealey and her husband Curt, who both testified that they never noticed the children suffering from any cold symptoms prior to their deaths.   

Rutherford maintained that she never bought rat poison and that the police treated her unfairly.

However, multiple police witnesses maintained that Rutherford repeatedly said she was stressed and had problems and that she indeed gave her children the supposed cold tablets.

Government Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh confirmed that the children died from pesticide poisoning by way of ingesting aluminum phosphide which is commonly known as carbon tablets.


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