UPDATE: Georgetown student slashes wrist with razor blade – in suicide bid


The 14-year-old female student who attempted to take her life this morning has been identified as a student of the Central High School in Georgetown.

INews understands that the student took a razor blade and slashed her wrist at least six times.

She was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she has been admitted and is said to be under observation.

Reports are that teachers from the Central High School brought the student to the hospital around 08:55 hrs this morning in a taxi.

Thus far, her parents along with officers from the students’ welfare department were called in to the hospital.

Meanwhile, other relevant authorities have visited the hospital to ascertain what prompted the young student to attempt to kill herself.





  1. UPDATE: Georgetown student slashes wrist with razor blade – in suicide bid
    PNC Graingeh juk fuh juk —PNC cack eye security minister and PNC fat belly prime minister all said they know why people killing themselves under PPP rule and that they know how to stop it.
    Well whats stopping these PNC people from stopping these people from taking their lives and attempting to take their life??
    Maybe the youngsters know what the old PNC heads dont think they know.
    All they have to do is google PNC sordid past and they will find out anything they need and want to know. Maybe these youngsters see a dim future already upon hearing PNC GDF chasing down citizens.

  2. Before any accusations are made… Find out the reason why she did it I am sure she just didn’t had a brainwave and did it.

  3. What is confusing me right now is when the PPP/C was in government they use to be blame for anything that happen in this country and look now how much love the people have for the PNC/AFC everybody mouth is shut when the worst is happening what a strange nation.

  4. Everything that happens in the country its the government what is wrong with you people I don’t know but your one sided it’s time you people come out of this day dream and see what is happening in the world today how stupid people can be

  5. Guyana is plagued with all manner of problems since the PNC took office. It is as though God cursed the land because of what Keith and Surujballi did. The PNC is like an abomination!

  6. This child is clearly crying out for help. Let the parents come in and have a sit down. Talk with her friends find out what they know.


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