BREAKING: GECOM lawyer says voters list will be ready earliest Dec 25; CCJ President responds this is “disappointing”


Attorney-at-law, Stanley Marcus; the lawyer representing the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), has proposed that based on advice he received, the electoral body will have a “credible” voters list earliest December 25 2019, which in effect would take the holding of election into the new year (2020).

However, President of the CCJ, Adrian Saunders, responded that this is “disappointing” since the Constitution clearly states that once the Government is defeated via the passage of a no-confidence motion, the government should resign and fresh elections should be held within 90 days.

The CCJ Judges also made it clear that their role is to ensure that the Constitution is upheld and would not support any action  that falls outside of this.

Marcus is also suggesting that the the parties involved be given one week to have “discussions” to resolve the issues on how they intend to move forward.

Last Tuesday, the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that the process that was followed by the President in the appointment of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission was flawed and in breach of the Constitution.

The CCJ also determined that the no-confidence motion was validly passed with 33 votes as a majority in a 65-member parliament.