BREAKING: Foreign Affairs Minister tests positive for COVID-19

Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd

President Irfaan Ali moments ago announced that Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugh Todd, has been tested positive for COVID-19.

The president has since ordered that all ministers be tested for Covid-19. He said that all ministers will be required to work remotely.

President Irfaan Ali

The President related that Minister Todd informed him that he had come into contact with someone who has since tested positive for COVID-19. As such, the Head of State said that the Minister was also tested and his results came back positive.

“I’ve since advised him to inform all individuals whom he came into contact with to work with the Minister of Health to facilitate contact tracing and possible testing. Further, I’ve advised all Cabinet Members to undergo a COVID-19 test as a precautionary measure. I’ve also advised Ministers to work remotely until they received the results of their tests,” the Head of State noted.

According to President Ali, he has taken this step to inform the public given the commitment by his administration to govern in a transparent manner particularly in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.