Breaking: Bandit shot dead in the vicinity of Giftland Mall junction

A bandit was on Tuesday morning gunned down by a security official moments after he attempted to rob a businesswoman within the vicinity of the Giftland Mall junction.
This information was confirmed by Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum during a telephone conversation.
Based on information received, two bandits attempted to rob a businesswoman, without realizing that she had her own armed bodyguard a short distance away from her.
INews was informed that the now dead bandit reportedly grabbed the woman’s bags and was attempting to flee when the security official opened fire.
It is believed that the now dead bandit, who was reportedly armed, returned fire at the businesswoman’s bodyguard.
His accomplice- who is believed to be injured- fled the scene.
Police confirmed that a firearm was found near the body of the man, along with spent shells.
Investigations are ongoing.

More details in a subsequent report.


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